COVID-19 Update: Chile keeps borders closed for tourists until 30.09.2021

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Entry for foreign tourists to Chile remains prohibited until 30.09.2021. This has been officially announced. Details about the entry possibilities in exceptional cases can be found in the official Chilean tourism website Chile Travel or in the “Plan Fronteras Protegidas” (Spanish) of the Chilean Ministry of Health. Keep in mind that the rules are always changing. We also recommend you to check the official Chilean WhatsApp hotline of SERNATUR (National Tourist Service): +56 9 9458 0453.

Borders open in November?

Whether the borders will actually open at the beginning of October — at least for fully vaccinated — will hopefully be clarified in the next few weeks. According to a press report, a reassessment of the situation will take place around 18 September. We do not consider an opening from the beginning of October to be certain at the moment, but we think that Chilean travel will be largely normal again by November at the latest.

Come here again later for following updates of the situation for traveling to Chile.

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