Updates on the current situation in Chile

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Regarding Covid-19, if we look at the graphic below, we can observe that the new infections per day in Chile have been at a fairly stable level since August. There is not a second wave like in Europe but the numbers have been fluctuating between thousand and two thousand new cases per day in the last couple of months. The Government has adopted a reactive approach according to the high-risk areas and therefore we still have some locations under heavy quarantine while other areas are less restricted.

Currently, our borders are still closed for non-residents/foreigners but we hope international tourism in Chile starts again in early 2021. Right now, Chileans and residents who enter the country from abroad and present a negative test result no older than 72 hours at the time of entry can avoid the 14-days quarantine that was formerly compulsory.

We are also observing how the domestic tourism is somehow reactivated; for example some national parks are reopening, and the tourism industry has been focusing on adapting to special measures and procedures in order to operate during the pandemic. Still, no one really can tell how everything will develop, especially after we warily observe the second wave that is affecting some European countries.