The Andes Nativa Team is on the road again! Part 1

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During this low season period, most of our travel consultants are lucky to travel! The idea is renewing knowledges about some of the chilean travel highlights; like Atacama Desert, Altiplano highlands, La Serena, etc.

Of course, we are going to tell you about all of it!

Part 1: Southern Carretera Austral; with Angela Alvarez & Frederick Keusch

Both colleagues had the opportunity to go to the Southern Area of the Carretera Austral to check out services, new providers and new routes that are being offered.

Last month, they participated in a 7 days / 6 nights tour that is targeted to young people, adventurers and active adults, around the General Carrera Lake.

1) Ok! We would love to hear about your expectations and impressions

ANGELA: “Making the trip to the Lake General Carrera area was a lifetime adventure. I knew and heard the place is beautiful, but it was even better than I thought”.

FRED: In one word this trip was majestic! So much nature, pure air, so relaxing! There are many new things and products in the area I haven’t heard of, so it was good to come here and get all the info to be able to offer it with the experience that it brings with it!

2) What was for you the most interesting place of this trip

ANGELA: My favorite part was Puerto Cristal, a national monument attended personally by a local family that is in charge of promoting history, culture and, of course, homemade gastronomy. It is such a new and great destination, people have to be ready for great adventure and surprises here because it is up to the weather conditions if you can cross back, they show it to you as part of the adventure.

FRED: My favorite part was Cerro Castillo: incredible beauty that has nothing to envy to famous destinations in Patagonia. There are trekking options that are amazing. On the other hand, one of the surprises that I also loved, was Chile Chico. This town that is at the border to Argentina, has a microclimate, which makes it possible to grow fruits like berries. This town is preparing everything to develop tourism in the best way possible. There are nice places to stay here.

3)What would you recommend to future travellers; any insider tip?

ANGELA: I do want to mention the “Hosteria de la Patagonia” it is a nice place to stay. It is run by a local familiy. They are the 3rd generation of a Belgium family that crossed the Atlantic with 11 kids and navegated to Chile Chico, build this house that the family transformed (this same house with lots of stories) into a Hostel. They want to keep their family traditions alive and they even produce their own beer and have a nice restaurant. I also liked this hidden place between Puerto Guadal and Mallin Grande where you can see some waterfalls. Beautiful.

FRED: There are great tours to the Patagonia National Park and the Jeinemeni River area, where I enjoyed to get to know their own version of the “Valley of the Moon”!To get there it takes maybe one hour from Chile Chico (we went with a tour on a van, but it is ok if you go by your own with a rental car). You can park in the parking area of this Park and start a hike for about 5 hours. You can do this on your own because everything is signposted, this way you can´t get lost. You can hike to se the “Valle Lunar” and visit the rock with needle form. You can also visit the “Paredón de las Manos”, this is a site of a great tourist attraction. It consists of rocky walls with imprints of hands and paintings of female guanacos on the stone, dating back to 5,000 years ago. This park doesnt have any infrastructure at the moment, but there are funds that will help improving this park, and many areas will be built and added. That´s why you can´t camp or do anything here, just visit. It’s incredible. I encourage you to ask us about this area of ​​Chile and you to motivate your clients to know new destinations in Patagonia, which are beautiful and are not that crowded!