In Andes Nativa, our name says it all. Our highest priority are authentic travel experiences in Chile, where the mighty Andes Mountains are a steady companion. NATIVA represents the pristine and fragile, worthy of protection.

We believe that a well-conceived form of tourism has the power to provide the impulses that our society needs so urgently: The conscious and careful interaction with our natural environment; an appreciation of ancient traditions and languages; and the awareness of our innate relation to forests and Mother Earth.

This belief motivates and guides us on our way. Sustainability is an integral part of our product development, but also manifests itself in our support of indigenous initiatives, environmental protection projects and even in everyday office life. 

Professional customer service is an intrinsic component of this philosophy. A well-trained and multilingual team of travel experts lies at the heart of our success. After all, efficient and competent consultancy and a thoughtful, customized travel design are indispensable tools to reach our highest goal: Providing genuine enrichment in the life of every single traveler.




Founder and General Manager

Frank was born in Chemnitz, Germany. After finishing his study ofbusiness economies with a focus on tourism administration in Heilbronn, Germany, he moved to Chile and started his career in the Chilean tourism industry.In the following 14 years, he held management positions in the areas of product development, sales and marketing, acquiring all the tools necessary for the professional assistance of international tour operators.  Countless trips through the country allowed him to discover the contagiously friendly Chilean way of life, the unique variety of landscapes and the fascinating history of its indigenous peoples. Motivated by the deep wish to contribute to a sustainable development of tourism in Chile, Frank founded Andes Nativain August 2010. He seeks to implement his vision by the use of new ideas for old traditions, the preference of hidden paths over the beaten track, and placing importance on small gestures.




Georgina is a commercial engineer and company partner originally from Valparaíso, Chile. Travelling through Chile regularly, she became fascinated withthe culture and history of America`s indigenous peoples, and their way of living in harmony with nature that is based ona profound respect. It is her vital interest to help preserving their heritage in the future, and she believes that there is a lot to be learned from them; increasingly adopting their ancient values might even bring us much further on our quest to protect this planet. In her free time, Georgina likes to ride her bike and practice activities in the mountains.




Phillip Raysz was born in Wiesbaden, Germany. He studied Business Administration at the Karls-Eberhardt University in Tübingen. After finishing University, he followed his love to Chile and is living here since 2004 together with his wife and 4 children. Since he came to Chile he was working for different Tour Operators, gaining a lot of experience in tourism and getting to know this beautiful country. His favorite places in Chile are Easter Island and Torres del Paine.



Operations Manager

Marko studied architecture at the university HTWK Leipzig in Germany. During and after his studies, he worked for more than 10 years as an independent pyrotechnician (FlambierteRäume) for various Open-Air projects worldwide. The contact with different cultures and people influenced him heavily. Even as a child, he always knew wanderlust, never homesickness. Of course, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he started celebrating this with extensive travels that previously were just utopia. On one of these trips he met his Chilean wife, whom he married in 2002 and lived with in Germany until 2007, before moving to Santiago / Chile with their newly born daughter Lina. After many trips across the country, he worked as an independent tour guide for Andes Nativa mainly in the central region. Since 2015 he lives in Puerto Varas and works in the department of Sales & Operations.



Traffic Department

Marcela was born in Puerto Montt, Chile. She studied Tourism, which allowed her to get to know many different beautiful places in Chile. She loves to travel and to explore new places. Her favorite one is Easter Island, for its magical ambience and its people. Marcela has worked in the Chilean tourism industry for more than 20 years, which allowed her to gain a lot of experience in this sector. In her free time, she likes to go on trips and enjoy nature with her husband and her two children.
She also goes hiking whenever she can.




Hernan was born in Chile. Degree in Systems Analyst (1995) and Computer Engineer (E) (2005). “All my working life between computers, I love technology. It is fantastic to be able to help people in their daily lives with the use of information technologies. I like to program computers, I have great memories of languages like Pascal, Cobol, Visual Studio 6. Right now, I’m fascinated with MVC, the PHP & JavaScript Framework. Not everything can be technology, nothing better in life than riding my motorcycle; one of my passions, the absolute integration of body and machine. I think you always need to be looking for new things, for now I’m learning how to play the electric guitar, an infinite world.”




Nicole Thomas was born and raised in Crimmitschau, Saxony. She studied in Leipzig and Barcelona (library and information science). She lives in Chile since 2008. Before she came to the lake region, she worked for many years in Santiago for the German-Chilean Cultural Institute. As a child of natur, she took every opportunity to turn her back on the million-strong metropolis and find relaxation in nature. So she has already visited most of the attractions of Chile. She loves to discover new corners, is very interested in the flora and fauna and loves to travel with the tent. In her free time she enjoys reading (travelogues and biographies) and visits cultural events.




When Angela was born, the first thing that came out were her little feet always ready for adventure and travels. She grew up in Puerto Varas in the south of Chile, where German traditions and culture have been passed down through generations. She loves to speak German with her family since childhood, and her education at the German School allowed her to get to know Germany during an exchange. Travelling through Europe, she fell in love with the art of traveling.

Angela still lives in the beautiful natural surroundings of her hometown; Puerto Varas.She enjoys sharing her knowledge through thecareful design of touristic programs. A great help is the joy provided by her Chilean traditions that she combines with German organization skills taught by her mother. With 16 years of experience, she knows that the secret of high-quality organization lies in having passion and thinking of these trips as her own!



Sales & Marketing

Miguel was born in the beautiful lake city of Puerto Varas in the south of Chile. After finishing school, he leaves for Santiago, where he spends the next years studying English translation and interpreting. Upon completion of his studies, he works for an incoming tour operator back in his hometown. Yet it doesn’t take long before he gives in his urge to discover other parts of the world: He leaves Chile and spends the next years living and travelling in Canada, Germany, and different parts of Latin America. In 2019, he returns to the shores of Llanquihue Lake, where he starts working for Andes Nativa in Puerto Varas. He is passionate about outdoor activities and loves to go hiking and taking photos.