Sustainable Tourism

We from ANDES NATIVA do deeply believe that Tourism does not only help to grow, but that it can also help to sensitize society for a respectful and responsible interaction with the environment and its ethnic roots. The preservation of the natural and cultural resources/treasures is a predominant goal on an international level, and ANDES NATIVA is part of this process.

We do support actively projects and elements of responsible and sustainable tourism. Programs which do meet these benchmarks are carefully identified and represent the mayor part of the product range ANDES NATIVA offers.

This selection is realized through a modern system of support for sustainably oriented service provider.


This concept allows the certification with a “seal of approval for sustainable tourism” to recognize the efforts of the best service providers in the tourism industry. We encourage all service providers to follow the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Click Here to see the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Nature reserve in Magallanes
Valdivian Temperate Rainforest in Chile

Native Forests and its Conservation

The area covered by forests represents 23.3% of the national territory with 17.66 million hectares; of these, native forests cover 14.41 million hectares, which represents 19.04% of the national territory. 

These pristine forests offer a unique opportunity to glimpse into the past: What did the earth look like in another time? Andes Nativa is committed to the preservation of these forests. Learn more about the Native Forests in Chile.

Native Forest

Projects we support

Fundación Legado Chile

This is a team of young people seeking to protect the biodiversity of the wetlands of Llanquihue. After the desperate call for help from the locals, which were seeing the wetlands becoming the dumps of the city, and it was notoriously destroying a unique ecosystem.
WCS Chile Logo

Wild Conservation Society Chile

(WCS Chile) is an NGO dedicated to the conservation of species and natural places of Patagonia. Through scientific research and the implementation of conservation actions coordinated with multiple actors; and also has an education program that seeks to show and value the natural heritage of Tierra del Fuego; WCS contributes to development and conservation in the Magallanes region.
Cultiva Chile Logo

Cultiva Sembrando Conciencia

This is an organization that was born in the year 2000, which works with people and companies in projects and programs of reforestation and environmental education. The pillars of its work are the human being transformation, organizations support, and the generation of socio-environmental awareness.

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