Wetlands: The livers of the earth

Wetlands in the Chilean south

Chile has about 4.5 million hectares of wetlands. (I don’t know if you’re thinking the same thing as me: that’s a lot!)

To better understand this topic, these is the definition that I’ve found for wetland:

“Any normal flat area where the surface of the soil is covered with water permanently or seasonally, is a wetland”. These are natural refuges for wildlife and wild flora, sources of fresh water, recharge for aquifers and true filters for sediments and pollutants.”

National Park Torres del Paine turning 60

People in front of Torres del Paine formation in Chile

I was thinking, back in those years (1959) it must have been almost an impossible mission to reach such remote places. Without internet, or without all the technology, clothes, or footwear that mountaineers have now, not even mentioning the conditions of the roads and that there were no social media that showed through photos how amazing this place is.

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