7 days / 6 nights

This seven-day hiking program takes us to the breathtaking coastal area from Caleta Condor to the remoteness and natural homeland of the Huilliche indigenous people. The trails will take us through beautiful rivers and hidden communities located at sea bays. We will be able to take part in the daily activities of these people, learn about their ancient customs, their admirable lifestyle and enjoy their hearty cuisine.

All of this experience happens in the midst of a unique natural spectacle between the dense Alerce forests (the Andean lark, one of the oldest tree species in the world) and sandy beaches which undoubtedly are some of the most attractive ones in Chile.

We head to the Pacific coast via Osorno and after a 2 hours’ drive, we will reach Bahia Mansa village, which is located in the district of San Juan de la Costa. On our way there we visit the family of Maria Huisca – a charismatic pathfinder for the preservation and revival of the Mapuche traditions. After lunch, she will lead us through a small forest to be part of a ceremony where the most important rituals are held. Then we will continue to the coast. The accommodation tonight is in a cozy hostel in Maicolpue Village.

(Lunch and dinner included)

After breakfast, we start walking through the dense coastal forests up to the community of Huellehue.

This hike takes us through typical natural forests of Southern Chile. Once immersed in the first area of the forest, we´ll be impressed by a wide variety of plants, shrubs, vines, ferns and mosses, as well as mushrooms, insects, birds and other species. We will see different native tree species that are barely seen in the Andean regions of Chile. These forests are in excellent conditions, and it is estimated that much of the endemic plant species found here aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

Afterward, we go on a boat ride that will take about 20 minutes and it will take us to Huellehue.
Our destination for the day, Huellehue, is a small village whose families have settled along the river which has the same name. The village consists of three houses and the local school that cares for the children’s education in the area. It has an average of 12 students, including the children from Caleta Condor.

Accommodation tonight is with a Huilliche family.

This day: Breakfast, box lunch and dinner included.

Today we have the chance to choose from a list of different activities hosted by the family, such as river boat trips, fishing, horseback riding along one of the beaches; or we can get contagious by the enthusiasm of the house cook and help her baking bread and the typical empanadas (dumplings).
We can also go for another trip to the forests. The diversity of wildlife in these forests is breathtaking. It is estimated that over 30 species of birds and a similar amount of mammals live here, there are various rodents and other species such as skunks, foxes, pudu (the smallest deer in the world) and pumas.
We spend the night with the Huilliche family.

Today: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Today we will hike through endless sandy beaches alternating with a dense natural forest. The village of Caleta Condor, situated in a beautiful bay, consists of about 30 families and most of them are indigenous descents of the Huiliges people.

Its main income resources are fishing, ethnic-tourism and the production of shingles made out of dead Alerce wood. For the reason of not having any road access, the village has no public power supply.

Today: Breakfast, box lunch, and dinner included. 

This isolation keeps valleys and forests practically intact in the midst of an almost untouched nature. We end the hike with a short 15 minutes boat ride to Caleta Condor Village. We spend the night with the Huilliche family.

Today you can choose between resting or among other activities in this quiet village, for example, you can go diving with the Vasquez family in Caleta Condor bay.

Today: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. 

We leave the picturesque Caleta Condor bay to cross an area of almost untouched rainforests. In this place, we will see many young Alerce trees that grow steeply in the air. Tonight we are staying in a mountain shelter. Time to rest in this unique place to be ready to continue with our hike next day.

Today: Breakfast,  box lunch and dinner included. 

The hike today is most of the time downhill; that is something we will like, considering we will be a bit exhausted after the intense days we have had.

Once more, we will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the sea on our way.  We will arrive to Manquemapu, to take the transfer that will bring us back to “civilization”: Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt.

Today: Breakfast included. 

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