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With the goal to strengthen the consciousness for sustainable development in the Chilean tourism industry, Andes Nativa created a system to identify, develop and support all interested service providers. As an Incoming Tour Operator, our work is based on the guidelines of the "Tour Operators` Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development" (TOI); a prestigious organization in which we participate actively und which is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Tourism Organization, and UNESCO.

We are conscious of the steadily rising demand in quality and sustainability, and do have the access to information about good practices and sustainable technologies. This favorable position we want to use in order to accelerate the process of sustainable development in Chile.


In Andes Nativa we have designed a system to evaluate the most important criteria for sustainable development of hotels in Chilean tourism. A questionnaire shows the actual situation of the single service providers in this market and counts as a first rating. We have concentrated on the most important, measurable processes and technologies, which are available nowadays in Chile.

A hotel can receive a maximum of 50 points.
If the hotel operates with:

Water Treatment Plant: earn 5 points.
Separate waste (organic, etc.): earn 5 points.
Use of renewable energies: earn 10 points.
Integration of community and local culture: earn up to 10 points.
Energy saving measures: earn up to 5 points.
Water saving measures: earn up to 5 points.
have a policy of Sustainability / awards: earn up to 7 points.
Sustainable purchasing policy: earn up to 3 points.

As a result, the hotel can get:

3 Seals for 35-50 points.
2 Seals for 25-34 points.
1 Seal for 10-24 points.

This evaluation makes it possible to recognize hotels with the best efforts in the sustainable area. Its a continuous process with constant updates. Therefore, new elements incorporated in the operation of each hotel can be considered, as well as extending the list of hotels with new attractive hotel options in the future.
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