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Porque Soy la Fuerza de lo Innombrado
(Elicura Chihuailaf)

He soñado en la luna creciente dice
y he trabajado los campos
Antes que las palabras
y que las flores fui (y más lejos)
Para mis hijas construyo
la casa de plata
mientras con el cabello alviento
cabalgo sobre el arco iris
Soy el agua que corre
Dormido va el mar en mí
y despierta la montaña
Porque soy la fuerza de lo
innmombrado, dice
corona del sol: tu canto".

The Huilliche (which means people of the south in the Mapuche-language Mapudungun) are aboriginal people and the southern branch of the Mapuche ethnic group. The Huilliche differ from the Mapuche in some elements including their language. They do speak a version of Mapudungun with some differences in pronunciation and vocabulary, which is called Chesungun.

IOriginally they populated the valley of the Toltén River until the Reloncaví Fiord and especially around today's cities Osorno, Llanquihue and Valdivia. After the Spanish "Conquista", and even stronger through the immigration in the midst of the 19th century their population was heavily reduced.

n contrast to their sister Nation, the Mapuche, they developed mainly agriculture and livestock breeding. Predominantly they grew corn and potatoes, while Guanacos and Huemules (a type of deer) served for meat, coat and wool processing.

It is estimated that around the 15th century the bigger part of the Huilliche settled in the northern to middle part of Chiloe, where they lived from fishing and collection of shellfish.

Today the Huilliche people do live in the coastal region of Mapu Lahual / Caleta Condor and on the Chiloe Archipelago, where they still pursue the activities they did centuries ago: fishing, collecting shellfish, cattle farming and forestry. The latter they do with dead Alerce trees.

Recently they also began to incorporate eco- and ethno tourism to their range of industries to generate a living.



(5 Days / 4 Nights)

This 5- day program traverses the island from north to south and from east to west. We will get to know well the life on the countryside. Through the contact with the people and the Chilote gastronomy, will we learn about the mysteries of the country and unforgettable places like the National Park Chiloé and the Natural Monument Isles of Puñihuil, which will bring us closer to the reality outside of urban centers. We will share with farmers, successors of immigrants, inhabitants of the minor islands and members of the indigenous community.


(Lunch and dinner)

We will depart in the morning from Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas into direction of Chiloé, famous for its wooden churches, which were declared Patrimonial Heritage by the UNESCO in the year 2000. We will cross the Chacao Channel with a ferry in a 30 minutes trip, having the opportunity to observe marine wildlife like sea wolves and a big diversity of birds. After arriving the island, our first stop will be in the city of Ancud, where will make a short circuit to the major attractions.
From Ancud we continue to the Pacific coast, to the National Reserve Isles of Puñihuil, at a distance of about 30 km. Here we will have the opportunity to sail to the three islands where the Humboldt and Magellan Penguins are nesting. It is the only place where these two types of Penguins live together.
After the navigation we will return to the beach for lunch. In the afternoon we continue to the south, to the San Antonio Sector, where we will be expected for dinner by Madame Mará Luisa and her husband.

Accommodation in Family Home.

(Breakfast and dinner)

After breakfast, we depart into direction of Castro, the capital of the island, where we will make a short circuit to the major points of interest.
Afterwards, we will continue to the south getting to the Huilliche Community of Compu, which is part of Quellón, known for its wooden church on the coast, built by the Missioners of the Compañía de Jesús.
In Compu, we will enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the Curiwentru family in their accommodation Rukamanque, where we will dinner together with our hosts. Don Gabino Curiwentru is an excellent connoisseur of the history of Chiloé and its traditions.

Accommodation in Rukamanque, owned by a Huilliche Family.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

In the morning we take our way to Quellón, the major port of Chiloé and embarkation point to the island of Cailín, where the important part of history took place, when the Jesuit Order founded at this place the southernmost church of the Christian empire.
We will pass by the place known now below the name Capilla, where we will find a small cemetery and a church. During our visit we will walk around the place and get to the site where the Jesuits founded their church and we will get to know the local Huilliche People, which will invite us for lunch. In the evening, we will return to Quellón and from there to Compu to dinner and stay there for the night.

Accommodation in Rukamanque, owned by a Huilliche Family.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Today we will leave Compu behind and will orient ourselves into direction of the National Park Chiloe on the west coast. Along a rural road we will drive to the west Coast, passing by the lakes Huillinco and Cucao until we arrive at the National Park, where we will make a short Hike, getting to know the Rain-forest of the "El Tepual" path before continuing to the impressing Pacific beach of Cucao along the path "Las Dunas".
On our way back we will take a break at the indigenous community Quilque, where we will get to know Albertina Chodil, who will invite us to an exquisite lunch, prepared with typical ingredients of the region.
In the afternoon we will arrive in Castro, where we will have the evening free to walk around the city. We will meet again for a farewell dinner in a local restaurant.

Accommodation in Castro in the Hostal Palafito.


In the morning we will wake up in a Palafito, constructed on wooden pillars above the sea. We will take our breakfast with view on the sea, observing the tides. We will say goodbye to Chiloe and its magic, taking our transfer in order to leave the island full of impressions of a different spiritual and mystic world.


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