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Company Founder and General Manager

Born in Chemnitz, Germany. He studied Business Economies for tourism administration at the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn in Germany. He does have 14 years of experience in the Chilean Tourism Industry, in which he held management charges in the areas product development, sales and marketing; and acquired the tools for the professional assistance of international tour operators.

In August 2010 Frank Böttcher founded Andes Nativa, a specialized Tour Operator with an innovative concept for the development and support of sustainable tourism projects in Chile.
"The Andes Nativa Enterprise was launched from the deep wish to contribute to the clean and sane development of the growth within the tourism industry in Chile. Countless trips through the country allowed me to discover and appreciate new things: be it the contagious friendly Chilean Way of Life and its traditions, the unique variety of landscapes in its overwhelming beauty or the history of the indigenous peoples, who preserved and kept alive their cultural traditions in spite of the sometimes unfavorable conditions.

This country welcomes its visitors always with open arms, and there are still numerous little natural jewels which are waiting to be discovered. Andes Nativa will take care that during these intercultural encounters elements of sustainable tourism will be accounted for stronger.  
I am fascinated by the task of enriching the tourism spectrum in Chile with new ideas for old traditions; preferring hidden paths before the beaten track; giving greater importance to small gestures. Changing the point of view in order to broaden the perspective. “


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