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Marko Aravena
Sub Gerente Operaciones

He studied architecture at the university HTWK Leipzig in Germany.

During his studies, he had close contact with the cultural scene and worked for more than 10 years worldwide as an independent pyrotechnician (Flamberte Raeume) for various OpenAir projects.

These trips, the contact with other cultures and different people have influenced him heavily. Even as a child, he always had "wanderlust", never homesickness. Of course, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he started celebrating this with extensive travels that were previously just utopia.

On one of these trips he met his Chilean wife, whom he married in 2002 and lived with in Germany until 2007, before moving to Santiago / Chile with her newly born daughter Lina.

After many great trips across the country, he worked as an independent tour guide for Andes Nativa mainly in the central region.

Since 2015 he lives in Puerto Varas and works in the department: sales & operations.

"The love of the land, the friendly people and the incredibly high spiritual energy here, (which is probably due to the high sismic activities - there are more than 2000 volcanoes in Chile alone and 500 of them are active, frequent earthquakes are on the agenda, hot Thermal springs, etc), as well as the country´s unique  nature from north to South,  still captivates me to these days: Viva Chile!!"



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