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The fascinating Andes-Cordillera embraces this unique country, which extends from the driest desert in the North to the greatest freshwater reserve in the south, the world of Glaciers in the Patagonia and the Antarctic. 

Chile offers an incredible world, full of natural and cultural treasures, and we from ANDES NATIVA want to be an active player in fair and sustainable development of these resources. 
We are enthusiasts in minimizing the potentially negative impacts on the environment, the culture and the way of life of the people, with responsible actions in tourism.


To develop and support pristine, mainly undiscovered tourism projects is one of the major goals of ANDES NATIVA. We do offer a truthful and authentic picture of Chile, where travelling does not only mean visit and observe, but submerge and participate actively, being part of the life of the indigenous communities for a short time. 

This respectful rapprochement allows a completely new perspective on Chile and to discover its indigenous people: an impression of simplicity, heartiness, and deeply rooted traditions. Discover hidden secrets; get into myths and legends in a fascinating world of the most attractive natural wonders of the country. 

ANDES NATIVA offers Programs with and to the most important ethnic peoples in Chile. For the consolidation of the relation with local partners and projects, a Network for Development and Support for Tourism in Indigenous Communities called RED ANDES NATIVA was created. Within this network are assured important aspects of qualitative attributes and elements of authenticity by establishing and controlling mandatory guidelines. 


We from ANDES NATIVA do deeply believe that Tourism does not only help to grow, but that it can also help to sensitize society for a respectful and responsible interaction with the environment and its ethnic roots. The preservation of the natural and cultural resources/treasures is a predominant goal on an international level, and ANDES NATIVA is part of this process. We do support actively projects and elements of responsible and sustainable tourism. Programs which do meet these benchmarks are carefully identified and represent the mayor part of the product range ANDES NATIVA offers. 
This selection is realized through a modern system of support for sustainably oriented service provider. This concept allows the certification with a "seal of approval for sustainable tourism" in order to recognize the efforts of the best service providers in the tourism industry. 

ANDES NATIVA also undertakes to comply with ethical principles, according to:

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