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The Network "Red Andes Nativa" was created in August 2010 in order to coordinate the development and create a platform for the support of touristic products in indigenous communities and families in Chile.
Guidelines for the necessities for actual and future tourism products are defined through requirements for a successful sales strategy. This way, the characteristics like service-qualities, responsibility and a maximum of authenticity become part of a clearly defined framework.

Beneath a number of Service Provider and the Company Andes Nativa, a group of Anthropologists and non governmental organizations for the "Development and Support of indigenous identity and diversity" are part of this network.


The indigenous community and the degree of participation in the tour program.
The concept of an interactive Cultural Tourism demands close contact with the client during the program.

The Infrastructure; in relation to accommodation, transport, tour guide, food a beverage and communication. This element is the key for a good service quality.

The structure of the organization/company. One of the factors is a clearly defined structure within the different service providers, in order to be able to provide a reliable and fluent operation of the services.

Ecological elements.

Within these groups of characteristics are aspects, which are mandatory in order to become part of the network. The affiliated members do receive a certificate, which is valid for three years while services are inspected annually.
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